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Pro Se Divorce Mediation in Palm Beach County

Laurie KernerWe at Divorce thru Mediation, Inc., take pride in helping our clients to obtain a divorce while preserving their dignity, finances, and family relationships. We meet with both the husband and the wife at the same appointment times.  

How it Works

We sit together and discuss the financial and family issues and help the couple to make decisions that both can agree on.  We fill out all of the necessary paperwork in order to have the Court approve the decisions you have made to finalize and legalize a divorce in the State of Florida.

Detailed Information Available

We have provided articles for readers of our website to be more informed about the Mediation Process.  We believe knowledge of what you will be experiencing will help in moving forward to take the next step with confidence. With a little bit of assistance from us, you can come to an agreement with one another about the best way to end your marital relationship.


Experienced and Confidential 

Our staff consists of Certified Family Mediators through the Supreme Court of Florida.  Although we may be attorneys or accountants, we do not act in that capacity.  We act as Mediators which requires complete confidentiality and unbiased assistance.

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Our Mission Statement:  It is our goal to assist married couples who have decided to end their marital relationship by facilitating discussions in a comfortable and non-threatening environment.  We endeavor to accomplish this in an efficient and cost-effective manner in order to mitigate the stress on the family during this difficult process.

Divorce thru Mediation, Inc.

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